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Best of Breed Strategic Alliances

Plan 365 subscribes to a “best of breed” approach, teaming only with partners who exemplify the highest levels of service. In this way, we’re able to offer a complete range of program solutions while mitigating client risk. We have established partnerships with medical communications agencies, production and media specialists, compliance consultants, hotels and venues, print shops, and ground transportation companies—each carefully researched and vetted by our team.

Universal Meeting Management

Plan 365 began as a sister company to Universal Meeting Management, Inc. (UMM) in 2006, leveraging UMM’s established operational foundation and optimizing it for speaker bureau and virtual program management services. Together, the two companies offer a comprehensive range of program and meeting management services for every phase, from clinical to commercial. By working on a tightly integrated basis, Plan 365 and UMM employ best-in-class service models that simplify brand strategy implementation and aggregate spend reporting.

Universal Meeting Management specializes in global strategic meeting management solutions which encompass the entire pharmaceutical meeting life cycle, including investigator meetings, speaker training, advisory boards, launch meetings, and congress events.