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Client Study 1

Rapid Response, Accelerated Launch

CHALLENGE: A multi-brand pharmaceutical company was actively conducting speaker programs for its brands through a third-party service provider. When that provider suddenly closed its operations, Plan 365 was contracted to take over the speaker bureau management for the pharmaceutical company’s three brands, triage outstanding programs in progress, and gather outstanding information for completed but unreconciled and unadjudicated programs. The program information was incomplete with hundreds of scheduled programs, 59% completed, 9% canceled, and 32% with missing data. Of the total participants, only 22% matched to specific prescribers.

SOLUTION: Using our proven speaker bureau creation and management processes, Plan 365 effectively configured a centralized speakers bureau administration model, encoding corporate guidelines and compliance policy in combination with three customized promotional education program deployments supporting three brands, seven talk titles, three separate speaker groups, and three separate commercial organizations. The project team reactivated our client’s speaker bureau administration, then set up their project databases, project workflows, compliance business rules and guidelines, and speaker transition. After launching the commercial team dashboard, our clients were accepting new programs within 28 days from the signed contract.

RESULT: In tandem with the accelerated launch process, all in-progress and incomplete programs were finalized and reconciled. Five months of previous vendor program history detailing speaker activity, program and attendee status, and expenses were integrated to provide a complete set of data for the past year. Subsequently, Plan 365 has assumed responsibility for this client’s new brands and continues to actively support their rapidly evolving products and markets.