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Client Study 2

Centralized Aggregate Spend Data

CHALLENGE: A multi-brand life sciences company faced significant complexity and increased overhead expense due to the current regulatory and commercial environment. They lacked the internal administrative staff and technical support infrastructure to harness disparate aggregate spend data sources. Business requirements included capturing and managing transfers of value information from internal activities such as grants, clinical activities, and sales as well as multiple third parties engaged in a variety of HCP-engaged activities.

SOLUTION: Six years of experience working with Plan 365 had led this company to become intimately familiar with our data management, reporting, and analysis capabilities in support of their speaker programs, related state reporting, and Sunshine Act aggregate spend readiness. They approached Plan 365 to centralize the relevant spend data from internal and external sources and to serve as the information’s single, secure repository.

RESULT: Plan 365 provided a hosted service to capture multi-channel data sources. The resulting information enabled the company to implement aggregate spend analysis and reporting. Today, they have not only achieved their goals of regulatory preparedness, they now have a powerful analytics platform for detailed performance analytics.