Plan 365

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Oversight and Adherence

Plan 365 has the expertise, process controls, auditing, and data management and reporting capabilities to ensure adherence to corporate, state, and federal regulatory requirements. Our managed Compliance Program includes:

  • Consultant contract administration
  • Speaker profile / CV management
  • Manage speaker service fees and limits
  • HCP expense tracking and reporting
  • Speaker utilization and spend cap management
  • Speaker eligibility (contracts, training, spend/usage, debarment)
  • Program limits and threshold management
  • Commercial compliance management and administration (federal & state)
  • Final program adjudication through sales
  • Program materials (sign-in sheets, evaluations and certifications)
  • Payment and transfer of value reporting / aggregate spend and analytics
  • Centralized aggregation of all transfer of value transactions (client internal and other third-party service providers)
  • Audit support
  • Support for clients under CIAs

Compliance-Related Reporting

  • Aggregate spend (state and federal)
  • Speaker earnings and utilization
  • Compliance management
  • Actuals reporting
  • Transaction level reporting
  • Exceptions and adjudication